Mission 7

Clockwork Repairs

Hello and welcome to the tutorial of Mission 7 this is after you choose to do the mission

1. Talk to G he will tell you about the clock and whats goings on.

 2. Click the monitor that he’s talking about


4. Talk some more with G he’ll want you to fix the clock even though G made it… sigh.

5. Go into the Gadget Room and get the Life ring on the shelf

6. Click the map then the Dock. Turn around. The blue team has the target! Ask them if you can have it. NOPE HA SUCKER! 😀  They’ll challenge you to a game

Here’s how to play:Click and hold the mouse until the bar goes up to the red area. Let go when the bar is at the red area. Then aim and shoot at the target. The target is moving so click ahead of the target. The penguin will get farther away so it takes longer from you to the penguin. It takes me about 4 tries.

 7. Talk with the Blue team give them the life ring for another target.

8. Go to the Snow Forts. Talk with the construction worker then go behind the clock and put the target on the handle.

9. Go to the HQ  and ask for the Electromagnet 2000 the password is ‘key’.

10 Go to the right and click the padlock beside the Magnet, click up or down to type in ‘key’.


11. Put it in your inventory.

12. Go to the iceberg and to the left you’ll see the spring floating in the water. Click the magnet then the ice cube with the spring.


13. Put both back into your inventory and go to the HQ

14. Put the ice cube in the test chamber like this:


15.Click the red lever after the cube is on the conveyor belt, then the fire button on the main pad, then click the red lever again to get it out.

16. Go to the snow forts and go behind the clock again, insert the spring here:

17. Go to the Beach get the green bucket and put it in your inventory. Go to the pizza parlor and get the sheet of music lying on the floor. Put that in your inventory and go to the Stage.

18. Click the piano then the sheet music in your inventory then right above the letters piano:

19. Do this if you can’t read music: Purple, white, purple, green, blue, green, blue, pink, green, blue, purple, red.

20. Click to the left of the CP screen to exit the piano. Go to the Snow Forts. Click the green bucket then the ground.

21. Go to the Town. Talk to ‘Rookie’ and get a picture of the gear.

22. Go to the Stage and click the picture of the gear, then the yellow puffle, then the bucket of snow, then the yellow puffle again.

23.Take the gear and go to the Gadget room in the HQ.

24. Put the gear into the test chamber. Click the snowflake button. Take it out once finished and go to the Snow Forts, then the back of the clock.

25. Put the gear in.

 26. You’ve fixed it! Answer your phone, it’s Herbert!

27. Talk to G

28. Get you rewards and good-bye!

Until next time,

Mr Squeakens ™


32 responses

22 04 2008

What green buket
Mr Squeakens: At the Beach to the left I believe.

23 04 2008

thiis site is soooooo cool! could not have done mission 3 with out you Mr. Squeakens!LOL ! senecerly caitlin

23 04 2008

thiis site is soooooo cool! could not have done mission 3 with out you Mr. Squeakens!LOL ! senecerly caitlin

ps.I did not know who Rookie was but then i went to town ! thank you Mr. squeakens! LOL

24 04 2008

I done that by myself, but if i couldn’t, I would ask you!

25 04 2008
Mission Luver

Thanks for the help! You helped me solve it! Nice Guide= )

29 04 2008
Pingust 11

This site is VERY COOOOL.
I could not have done all the misions.
Especialy the mission 3, too.

30 04 2008
melissa-rose kay

Cool thanx for the info haha my friends don’t no how i did it haha…..

2 05 2008

it wont let me click on piano
Mr Squeakens: Well I don’t know how to help you there 😕

2 05 2008
splot red

ty so much i got stuck ty ty ty

3 05 2008

how do you get buket of snow …were is the snow
Mr Squeakens: Right in the guide it says the Snow Forts

3 05 2008

it said the snow is not stong enough
Mr Squeakens: 🙄 It says to put it in the test chamber!

10 05 2008

hi it works:)yay u r sooo cool

10 05 2008

how do u get the snow?

Mr Squeakens: Click the green bucket then the snow in the Snow Forts (the ground).

13 05 2008

i dont see the blue team

Mr Squeakens: They’re at the Dock…

15 05 2008

thanks to u
this site is soooooooo awesome

8 06 2008

I can’t get past the taget game! It’s too hard! Oh, well. I’m not gonna pass he 7th mission. Sigh.

Mr Squeakens: Just keep trying!

12 06 2008
Mr Squeakens

Thanks everyone! I hope Mission 8 we’ll get that hebetudinous* polar bear!

I like using big words 😀 (I used a thesaurus)
*Definition: Lacking mental and physical alertness and activity.

13 06 2008

the firs time i did the misson the blue team wasnt at the dock

Mr Squeakens: Weird… Maybe a glitch…

18 06 2008

i couldnt do those missions with out this website

Mr Squeakens: Thanks!

26 06 2008

you guys rock

Mr Squeakens: Just me 🙂

29 06 2008

rokie is not ther and nether is the blue team!!!
Mr Squeakens: IDK what to tell you… Sorry 😦

3 07 2008

I like using cheats I used your cheats for all the missions thanks allot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[is there going to be a cheats for mission 9 ]

thanks allot bye!!!

please reply back!!!
Mr Squeakens: Yes, I’d prefer to call them guides cheats sounds so, bad…

8 07 2008

where should i click on the piano?
Mr Squeakens: The music tray, where the music goes…

8 07 2008

hey i figured out how 2 play that song on the piano. so Mr.squeakens next time u should probably say that it’s the piano in the theater bcuz there is a piano in the plaza too.
Mr Squeakens: I did…

12 09 2008

Lol! the first time i did this mission i put the snow gear thingy in the test chambe and i accidently clicked the fire button and i melted it!

12 09 2008

How come the medal i got for this mission was silver and all the others we gold?
Mr Squeakens: I’ll check on that but, I don’t know.

27 09 2008

i coud not have beaten missen without you!!!!!!!!!

27 09 2008

how do you know this stuff?
Mr Squeakens: I actually try each way.

7 10 2008

You help me to made all missions !!! THANKS AGAIN !!!
I have only a question . Can i update mission 9 ?
Mr Squeakens: Yep!

8 10 2008

thank you so much u ave elped me lota

18 10 2008

How do i go to the stage?
Mr Squeakens: Go to the plaza then straight ahead should be the Stage

21 12 2008
Jay Jay

Also i forgot to rite a comment about the other cheats i used for the missions. THANX!!!!!!!!! :):):)

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