Mission 8

Mysterious Tremors

Hello and welcome to the tutorial of Mission 8 this is after you choose to do the mission

1. Talk with G’ as usual. Before you go, grab the tan hat and the hammer on the wall not on the shelf! <–Next to G’| Next to shelf–>

 2. Go to the Dock, Herbert and Klutzy are in the drill

3. Talk with Herbert and then his map blows away and Klutzy snaps it in half

4. And before you follow the map get the lantern!

5. Put the tan hat on the green ‘sad’ puffle in the Town


6. Go into the Coffee Shop and help him and pick up the cookies. Whee!! Cookies, isn’t this fun :mrgreen:

7. Say ‘Wow! Thanks’ for your cookie and put it in the inventory.

8. Give the cookie to the green puffle with the new fashionable hat! 😀

9. The puffle will knock down one half of the map and fly away. Put it in your inventory.

10. By now your wondering what about the other half? Go to the Snow Forts and the other note will come to the pole. Click the note and go into the Plaza.

11. Talk to the green penguin with the newspaper with the note inside. Ask for the newspaper. He wants a Pizza, go into the Pizza parlor and get the only kind of pizza that pops up on your chat.

12. Give the pizza to him and get the newspaper. Put it in your inventory and take the note out and put it with the other half of the note.

13. Go to the beach to get these things.


Net: next to Lighthouse door and fish :mrgreen:

Go into Lighthouse

Balloons: Ask orange penguin for them, put them in your inventory.

Cream Soda: Go to the left and talk to the purple penguin and get a barrel of soda DO NOT move the barrel on your mouse too much… It’ll splode! But you might want to test one for reference 😀

Nails/Pegs: Go to the ski village and go into the Sport Shop and get the Pegs and the box and put it in your inventory.

HQ-Gadget Room-Helium: Ask G for helium… You may need to click it first

14. Click the balloons then the helium tank and put the filled balloon in an inventory spot.

Inventory check:

Goggles are optional and I grabbed a barrel to shake :mrgreen:

Do these quickly

  • Go to the town quick and click the balloon then the Gift Shop.

  • Click the net then the Gift Shop
  • Click the pegs then the Gift shop.
  • Lastly the hammer then the Gift Shop.

15. Go into the hole. Follow your instructions and the hole where the Gift Shop was should be open.

16. Click the wrench then the gear in the drill and take the gear out.

17. Click on Herbert. Talk to him and then he’ll get mad hit the boiler and G’ calls. Tell G’ it’s going to explode he’ll say fix it.

18. Fix it 😀 Click on a pipe then click another then they’ll switch places.

<–Click to enlarge

19. Talk to G give him the gear that you took out of Herbert’s so called “drill”  get your prizes and The End.

 G: “Oh (insert your name here) your so strong and awesome to carry this 3000 pound gear, but sigh I’m a scrawny penguin and can barely stand!” Yourself: “I am pretty cool huh?…” :mrgreen:

By Mr Squeakens


31 responses

24 06 2008

whoa! this is the coolest website ever!! i just got done with the eighth mission!! this definitely rox my sox!
Mr Squeakens: Cool, rockin’ socks is fun :mrgreen:

25 06 2008
awesome website

this helped me a load!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 06 2008


26 06 2008

You don’t actually need to use both the balloon and the soda, you can just use 1.

Mr Squeakens: Well, that’s just the way I’d like to do it. I’ve never tried it that way.

26 06 2008

it is a nice machine

26 06 2008
Zoey Zo Zo

finely they made the 8th mission thanks a whole lot Mr.Squeakens.

27 06 2008

Thanks heaps! Now that i found this website i don’t need to ask the other penguins how to do missions.!

Mr Squeakens: That’s the point, lol.

28 06 2008

finished mission 8!!!
this site is sooooo cool!


28 06 2008

Do you know if there is anything we can do INSIDE the Gift shop?

Mr Squeakens: You can enter it through the windows, but I clicked just about everything and there wasnt anything to do. Good question 😉

28 06 2008

i didnt know where the goggles were
Mr Squeakens: Oops! Those are for members if they buy them 😳

1 07 2008

musome is right, you only have to use one, the soda or the balloon.( I would recommend the balloon, I find it so much easier!!)lol.

Mr Squeakens: I changed it, you guys were right thanks!

2 07 2008

where are the goggles?
Mr Squeakens: You don’t need the Goggles those are for members if they buy them…

10 07 2008

Where is the wrench?
Mr Squeakens: In your spy phone. Click red light (Tools) then the wrench.

14 07 2008

hi thank you i could never compleate this mission

15 07 2008

HI, i cud never do this without u thanx, i use only this site for help with any missions
Mr Squeakens: Yay!

23 07 2008

I took the gear out of the machine, but Herbert is no where in sight?? Where is he?
Mr Squeakens: He should be in the Boiler Room (to the left of the machine)

28 07 2008

Thanks so much it helped me so much 🙂

12 08 2008

awsome website you are soooo smart

13 08 2008

Wow, i have done all the missions so far!!! I wonder wat will happen to Herbert???

13 08 2008

Thanks soooo much.
Wwe Admin made a video, which didnt help at ALL!
He missed a whole chunk of the missoin, how to get the piece down for the N on nightclub. He got the hat, but he missed that whole chunk and other little bits and the video was poorly graphiced. Words are soo much better.
You and Legoless have the perfect guides, plain ol’ words like the old days…
P.S. Your blog is how I found this. Great blog and great missoin website! Bye 😉

Mr Squeakens: Woo!

19 08 2008

thx, i never could figure out the 7th mission, whenever i put the snow gear in the thing it always broke, i never thot of using the testing2000, or whatever, again, i should’ve known that just the use for a screw was enuff, i needed it l8er, lolz, so anyway thx

29 09 2008

this help a lot ur the best ever!!

29 09 2008

ur best

2 10 2008

thanz a bunch

9 10 2008


11 10 2008

i loved the help

13 10 2008

OMG it would have taken me like FOREVER to finish that mission without you!! I really like being a secret agent but sometimes they seem impossible. I really appreciate your help!!!
Mr Squeakens: Cool-io-zoz

18 10 2008

Thanks so much!

30 11 2008


7 12 2008

cool thx!

21 12 2008

Thanks so much for the help!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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